Up for Auction: Diamond Ring that was Swallowed During a Robbery

Diamonds and jewelry can be extremely valuable, and as a result are sought after by many. Naturally, necessary security precautions need to be taken just to make sure nothing 'accidently' goes missing. Especially with today's advanced technology, jewelry thieves sometimes need to get a little creative if they plan on getting away with the loot. But sometimes, their creative ideas can go a little too far!


This is precisely what happened during a recent diamond heist, when one of the yellow diamond engagement rings was swallowed in an attempt to hide the merchandise. The thieve made a break for it after swallowing two jewelry pieces, but was cornered before he managed to get away. Once recovered, one of the diamond rings, valued at $27,000, was actually being put up for auction.



The Item


The diamond ring is a 1.53-carat cushion-cut yellow diamond halo ring mounted on a platinum setting. The ring is one of two that were swallowed by the thief. It has been reported that the police threw out the second ring accidently after they had retrieved the rings from the accused.



The Auction


The rare color diamond ring, with a very unusual story, was put up for an online auction on Monday, December 16th through till' Monday, December 23rd. Interestingly enough, the piece was sold and the proceeds were given towards the Leukemia Foundation of Queensland.


Other Swallowed Diamonds


Diamond swallowing robberies may be a trend, as something quite similar occurred a while back in Ontario, Canada, with the suspect accused of stealing and swallowing a $20,000 1.7-carat diamond. Although it took a week to retrieve, the diamond finally made an appearance and was returned to its rightful owners.


Though one would think that such stories would take away from the diamonds'  value, due to the conditions they endured, it seems that the exact opposite is true. Diamonds with interesting stories sell, and it doesn’t get more interesting than a stolen, swallowed diamond.


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